December 19, 2017

We made a music video!

The weekend before last I went to visit family in Shropshire, and ended up getting snowed in.  Significant snow fall is a rare thing in the UK, so we thought we’d make the most of it.

The result was an epic snowball fight, and thanks to the power of the smartphone, a music video! I hope you enjoy this little glimpse into our weekend and the song too. It’s a cover of Cold War Kids’ Hospital Beds‘- a song that I’d wanted to cover for the past 10 years.

Its a slightly left-field choice of song (very much my taste in music!) I didn’t write the song, but I’ve always felt it was about embracing life, through its ups and downs.


‘Vietnam! Fishing trips! Italian Opera! ‘- I feel like its a call to go and have adventures. Whether your adventures involve gondolas, fishing lines or snowball fights, I hope you enjoy this video…

May the new year bring many more!

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