January 14, 2021

Safe singing in the pandemic

Want to sing, but not sure whether it’s safe in the current pandemic? Here’s the latest research on Covid 19 and singing…

So many of us are craving connection with much-missed friends, family and even chit-chat with friendly strangers. How we’d love to raise our voices in a choir, have a singalong with family, or a karaoke session with friends. Sadly, government advice is clear that singing face to face with others is a risky business. Singing, especially loud singing in enclosed spaces, has a high transmission rate. For this reason, singing lessons should be taken online to keep yourself safe.

Thankfully, virtual lessons can be equally effective as in-person lessons- in fact, many people prefer them. When I’m teaching, I wear good quality headphones and a broadcast quality mic to ensure we can hear each other clearly. Some students find being in their own home makes them feel more confident and secure as they get out of their comfort zone and take their first lessons.

In good news, socially distanced singing is still of great benefit to you –singing is scientifically proven to increase confidence, general wellbeing and brain development. Reassuringly, it can also improve your immune system and lung health.

I hope that this post inspires you to explore your voice and invest time in your singing, despite the pandemic. Never has self-expression been so needed.

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