Steve Dagleish


I have been writing songs for about ten years and (reluctantly) sang them in public when my son John quit as lead singer. Not to worry, I still had the guitar to hide behind, didn’t I? Slowly, confidence in my little-used voice developed over time until I suddenly realised that my guitar skills had way overtaken it and that I had to accept that I had never really ‘enjoyed’ my voice. Hannah-Marie has helped me (over just four inspiring lessons) to ‘play’ with this instrument, to experiment with depth and tone, with breath and with soul, with a range of emotions and vitally, to‘enjoy’ it without fear.

Laurel Smith

 Artist and Singer- Songwriter

Over the past year Hannah has brought my vocal skills and confidence so far . Never before could I have imagined sitting in a room and shouting ‘Ay Francesco!’ in someone’s face to reach a ‘belt’! Hannah make’s every lesson fun and interesting. My voice has never been as good!

Kwong Chan

Compliance Officer/Improviser

Hannah is an amazing teacher who has helped me overcome the lack of confidence and doubts I had about my singing. Especially since I’m not someone who comes from a performance background. The lessons are fun, well taught and supportive. Hannah has an incredibly positive attitude which is infectious. She always ensures that you are comfortable in what you are doing, whilst encouraging you to try new things to push you out of your comfort zone and improve the quality of your singing. She has a wealth of knowledge and ideas and I’ve learnt so many little interesting facts along the way! I would highly recommend taking singing lessons with Hannah!


Young Singer- Songwriter
Ms. Hannah, an amazing singing teacher who is so supportive, caring and skilled has been teaching me for a while now. Everyday it gets better and I always look forward to my classes! I always enjoy learning with Ms. Hannah as she teaches me funny but useful warm ups to really open, and warm up my vocal cords. As mentioned before, she is very skillfull and stunning! What’s better is that she has a lovely and comfortable studio where children can sit down with their parents. So it was quite helpful as I live far, and my mom can sit down in the studio with me.

Ian Grierson

Singer Songwriter and Events Manager
I’ve known Hannah since 2006; working on several of her projects and hearing and seeing many more. She is always a creative influence, working hard and encouraging new and original ideas, and has developed into an accomplished musician and songwriter. All this makes Hannah a great artist to work with, especially when you consider that she has one of the most soulful and original voices around. She adds to any recording she is featured on and delivers a fantastic live performance as a vocalist and frontwoman. An asset to any project!

Laura Weston

I have never been that great with confidence, and I have never been great with self esteem. Then Hannah Gatt came along. With her brightly coloured hair and the personality to match, she automatically gave me the injection of self belief I needed especially in singing. In her lessons, she taught me warm ups, posture but most of all projection – not only with my voice but of my own personality!

Hannah has become such an amazing friend and teacher.

Sam McIntosh

I had a number of singing lessons with Hannah before my wedding in India, where I was hoping to put on a surprise performance. I had never sung before, was pretty nervous and wasn’t even sure if I would go through with my idea. Hannah was amazing. She immediately made me feel relaxed and welcome and over a few weeks gave me all the confidence that I needed. Hannah’s style of teaching is hugely effective and fun, and her love for singing is infectious. My performance in India ended up being so much fun that when I returned to London I joined a choir!

Inès Ayari

Human Rights Campaigner
Hannah is a great teacher, she is patient and caring. Plus, her smile will put you in a cheerful mood no matter what! She’s encouraging and makes you feel at ease no matter how self-conscious you are and whatever your singing level is. Do you enjoy singing? You’ll enjoy it even more with Hannah awesome teaching skills.”

Priscilla Eyles 

Social Media and Digital Content Lead / Singer-Songwriter

Hannah is a great teacher who is able to target the areas that can be developed and come up with great suggestions that really make a difference in vocal performance and sustainability.

Laura Carey

Actor and Voice Over Artist
Hannah is passionate about all things voice from singing to the spoken word which I found encouraging as an actor who wanted to work on solo singing and voice projection for auditions. Hannah’s lessons are versatile, enjoyable but most importantly focused on your goals and aspirations. Hannah engages with you and nurtures your strengths to build upon these foundations. Hannah is a real force of inspirational energy and a gifted teacher.

Fiona Le Dortz

Architectural Assistant
I started lessons with Hannah after having stopped singing for years. Hannah has helped me gain confidence in my voice and always gave very good warmup exercises and techniques. She is an amazing teacher, always positive and cheerful, that really listens to what we want to achieve. What is more, her studio is really nice and comfortable and she gives good music recommendations, I would recommend Hannah without hesitation!

Sophie Donnelly

Journalist, Daily Express
I was born with a naturally quiet voice (I make Little Voice sound like Pavarotti). Working as a journalist, communication is a key part of my job and my quiet voice was starting to knock my confidence in interviews and noisy press conferences. But after just a one hour lesson with Hannah that all changed. She gave me some brilliant tips on how to project my voice. While I thought shouting was the only way to be heard, Hannah took the time to explain the science behind it and also provided me with exercises I could do at home.

Rich Gwilt 

Hannah is a fabulous singing teacher with a warm style that puts you at ease.  Her ability to translate new singing techniques into something relatable, makes for a great learning experience for those without a trained musical background. I learn something new in each session and am discovering vocal options that I had no idea were available to me. Hannah – thank you so much for for letting me learn and most importantly for making it so fun!

Yana Lyapunova

Art Student and Performer
As long as I remember, I have been told that I have a quiet voice. Hannah showed me various voice strengthening and singing techniques, warm ups and relaxation exercises which are necessary almost for everyone in this busy life. She is very supportive as a teacher. Every class with her is like meeting a friend and doing something fun together. In this case it is singing. Now my concern is not to bother my neighbors too much when I practice my home exercises and sing loudly.Hannah has become such an amazing friend and teacher.

Phil Mac

Music Producer/ Songwriter
I asked Hannah to help me develop my singing style so I can sing with confidence and record vocals for my own music. I have been absolutely delighted with the rapid progress so far. I’m now able to sing with more confidence, in a higher range than I thought possible and with better tonal quality. Hannah is very easy to work with. She is a knowledgeable and versatile teacher that tailors lessons to the needs of her students, highly recommended..

Jenny Powell 

Couture / Costume Maker
I came to Hannah with no previous training or past singing experience. I was very shy and didn’t really think I had a voice; however, in just a few lessons, she has really increased my confidence in my ability and I can definitely hear the difference in my voice. Her positive attitude towards the lessons is a real encouragement and her explanation of the science behind singing is useful to understand how the voice works. Most of all she really makes the lessons fun and it’s a pleasure to be taught by her.

Josep Almolda

I always tried to avoid singing, not even backing vocals as I always thought I had absolutely no skills. I tried Hannah’s lessons to try to get some confidence ,and she made me realise that singing can be a lot of fun, I am learning to use my vocal resources and I am gaining a lot of self confidence, all in a very relaxed and fun way. I’ve learned a lot about expressing the feeling of the music too, which is useful not just for singing but when I am playing live or any time I have to do anything in front of people.I am very satisfied with the lessons, I am willing to see where I can get!

Nathalie S


 didn’t think I could actually sing. I did the compulsory school choir, I sung in the car, but when it came to karaoke nights I was mortified. So I started seeing Hannah for lessons to ‘get good’ at at least one karaoke song! She was brilliant- calm, non-judgemental and gave me confidence I never knew I had. What she taught me was helpful not only for singing, but also for presentations at work, and life in general.

Beau Blaise 

Producer/ Songwriter
I came to Hannah as a producer/songwriter with little formal vocal tuition. I thought that improving my singing would be useful when demoing compositions so I asked Hannah for help with vocal techniques, warm ups and to help me in finding my comfortable vocal range. She delivered on all of these and we had a lot of fun doing it! She’s a wonderful enthusiastic teacher who I highly recommended to any keen vocalist.

Sachly Jamalfar

As a parent of a young teen, Hannah’s lessons have been really fun, enjoyable and productive . At every lesson she gave my daughter excellent technical tips, and the progress was visible. Hannah has an incredible positive attitude in her teaching.

Alex MacLeish

Hannah is fab. She puts you at ease immediately, and is an extremely talented singer and teacher. Since my lessons with her, my confidence in my own ability has grown immeasurably. Whether you are learning to sing for your career or just for fun, you won’t regret booking a lesson with Hannah!