• The joy of singing whilst cycling- singcling will be your new favourite thing!

    When I was 12 years old I had an accident while riding my little brother’s bike- it was far too small for me, (my own bike had a puncture) and I was riding like a little speed demon at the time. One short attention lapse later, and I was unceremoniously thrown in the air after colliding with a lamp post. Not my coolest moment.

    Luckily I was wearing a helmet and it was my pride that hurt more than anything. It must have put me off though, as I didn’t get on a bike again until I was 24.

    I wasn’t sure I’d even remember how to ride, but it’s true you don’t forget! I rode 16 miles the day I got back on a bike- a big step towards making me a less nervous cyclist!¬† I’m far from a ‘proper’ cyclist. I rarely ride on busy roads, or rely on my bike for transport. For me, riding a bike is about exploring and having fun.

    and what better way to have fun than to sing? I have a feeling that some of you reading this may have done this already. Several of my friends have mentioned that they sing on their bikes (or while kayaking- hey why not?)

    Needless to say, your primary focus while cycling should be on the road- always! If you’re not a confident cyclist I suggest sticking to the cycle superhighways¬† or any designated cycle path. If you have any green spaces nearby, even better (ahhh)

    A treasured sunny day in London

    Then- let rip! enjoy the absolute freedom of motion and sound. There’s something so liberating about the independence being on a bike gives you. Add the joy of belting out one of your favourite songs and it’s the happiest feeling in the world!

    It’s rare that you get to hear your singing voice out in the open air, amongst other people milling about. (Unless you’re super confident, or a musical theatre student- props to you!) and you can do this without having to soak up all the attention as- weeeeee! you’re off again!

    Maybe its the playful, child-like nature of it, or the freedom it gives you- or the motion, but I have a hunch ‘singcling’ is really good for the soul. Give it a go!

    Do you do this already? Are you going to try this out? Let me know how you get on!





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