Singing lessons for kids and teenagers focus on encouraging a love for music and performance. Alongside healthy vocal technique and developing musicianship, I aim to nurture the artist in every child and young adult.

Singing is about so much more than just hitting the notes, it’s about storytelling and self expression. Every child, teenager (and adult) has an inbuilt instrument- their voice! Singing can help develop confidence and self esteem in people of all ages and contribute to a sense of belonging.

How Much Are Lessons?

Lessons are £35 for 30 minutes or £65 for an hour.

For FAQs check out the Singing Lessons page or call me on 07341 278731 . I’ve also written a handy ‘parent’s guide’ with tips on encouraging your child on their singing journey!

Do you help kids prepare for music exams?

I have coached children and teens to prepare them for singing exams from Grades 1-8 including RSL (RockSchool), Trinity Pop & Rock and London College of Music (LCM) syllabus.
These exams focus on a mixture of vocal technique and performance skills with the aim of developing the young performer into a well rounded pop vocalist. Higher grades can also contribute to UCAS points as well.  I have a Grade 8 with distinction in Music Theatre Vocals from the London College of Music so am personally aware of the skills and focus required to succeed in high-pressure exams.
There is no obligation for students to take exams- I believe each student is different- we all have different needs, goals and ways of working- but I’m happy to report that students that I have coached through exams have received merits and distinctions (and most importantly, have found the process rewarding!)

``My son has enjoyed his lessons with Hannah very much - she has always had a welcoming smile for him and words of encouragement to help him build confidence in his voice and ability to perform. Her lessons were technical without being dry, and her whole approach to teaching is that of structured fun that help develop a young person into a confident singer and performer.``

- Olga Vladic-Weal, Parent

``Hannah was helpful in preparing me for my exams, explained what I needed to achieve to gain high marks in the exams and then made sure I was on track with all of the tasks, this resulted in me getting a mark I wouldn't have thought id be able to get. She also helped me build up my voice so it was more strong and I could hold high notes or longer! thanks Hannah.``

- Seb Weal, Singing student (15 years old)

``An expert singing teacher! Makes you feel comfortable and always gives you the confidence to challenge yourself, learn and grow as a performer. ``

- Tara Bhat, Brit School Student

``Hannah gave my daughter and her two cousins a singing lesson and they all got a load of individual attention and sang alone and in a team. They all wanted to sing a lot afterwards and they all loved Hannah, I could not recommend more!``

- John McCooke, Parent

``Hannah has progressed me from someone who sang shyly in my bedroom to someone who feels that I am starting to appreciate my voice as another instrument. I am learning to recognise and develop my vocal range and, very importantly, to exercise my vocal cords regularly to take care of my voice and get the best from it. Thank you Hannah ``

- Kai Driscoll- Kadir (16 Year old Guitarist and Music Student)

``My 15 year-old daughter writes and sings her own songs, so I was looking for someone who could help her get around her voice with more ease and confidence and be more the singer she is - rather than turn her into a specific kind of singer with a specific sound. I also wanted a teacher who my daughter could relate to, feel comfortable with - and have fun. Finally on my wish list was a teacher who had done some Estill Technique as I know how incredibly useful that is. Hannah is absolutely all of these things, and several months on my daughter is doing very well with her and improving nicely``

- Victoria Worsley, Parent