August 1, 2017

Singing Barbershop with the Hannah and the Hurricanes!

On Saturday I went to a friend’s wedding. The bride sings in a barbershop quartet and her friends, the incredibly talented ‘Hannah & the Hurricanes’ performed. I was blown away with their impeccable timing, perfect pitch and memorising performance.
Hannah & the Hurricanes are a mixed quartet, comprised of Andrea Day, Hannah Braham, Tim Briggs and Duncan Whinyates. They won the silver medal at the World Champion mixed quarter championships in 2016.
After telling Baritone Tim Briggs how impressed I was by their performance. he kindly invited me to join them for a sing-song! I was given a melody to sing while the group sang beautiful harmonies. The harmonies moved around the melody, creating a gorgeous  clash and then resolution! (a process known as ‘tagging’)
It was a LOT of fun and thanks to H&TH I’m now officially a barbershop fan! Check out the below video of Hannah, Andrea, Tim and Duncan smashing it!
To find out more about Hannah and the Hurricanes, check out their Facebook page!