• The Inner Singer-a podcast for vocalists


    You know that phrase- where have you been all my life? 

    Well, that’s how I feel about The Inner Singer podcast. Mike Goodrich is a vocal coach based in Los Angeles, and started his podcast with the goal of providing encouragement and coaching to singers.

    Mike covers topics such as mindset, confidence, and self belief. Being a singer is about more than sounding good- it’s about being a storyteller, and connecting with your audience. Often we know this intellectually, but can get bogged down in self criticism. Our left brain (logical, analytical) can dominate, where our right brain (creative, emotional) needs to shine.
    If this strikes a chord with you, I highly recommend that you give his podcast a listen. Each episode has a relaxed, gentle pace to it- always with a gem of wisdom. Modern life can often feel rushed- there’s so much information out there it can be overwhelming, but Mike’s podcast just feels like warm, heartfelt advice from someone who has been there.
    So put the kettle on, and listen to Mike’s podcast here. I also highly recommend the book The Inner Game of Music  to those of you who want to learn more about peak performance.
  • THIS IS A VOICE- an exciting (and free!) exhibition

    Going to galleries and exhibitions is one of my favourite things to do in any city (great to recharge creative batteries!) so I was particularly excited to discover that The Wellcome Collection in London is holding an exhibition on the human voice, appropriately titled ‘THIS IS A VOICE’.

    The exhibition includes talks such as ‘What does your voice say about you?’ (FREE but ticketed, so be quick!) as well as live ‘voicings’ ( 20 minute vocalisations performed by various artists.)


    This exhibition runs until 31 July 2016- check out the Wellcome Collection website for more details!

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  • Inspired. The artist who paints music.

    Inspired. The artist who paints music.

    Melissa S McCracken is an Artist who has colour synesthesia- a neurological phenomenon which causes her to see colours in response to music. She describes living with synesthesia as a positive experience: ” the most wonderful ‘brain malfunction’ of all is seeing the music I hear. It flows in a mixture of hues, textures, and movements, shifting as if it were a vital and intentional element of each song.’

    Melissa has filtered her unique way of perceiving music into beautiful works of art- by painting her favourite songs as they appear to her.

    I do not own any rights whatsoever to these wonderful images- if you love them as much as I do, please check out Melissa’s website and support her awesome work.

    Anyone else wish they could see their favourite songs like this?

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